Vladimir Putins warlord accused of horror request days before falling into coma

Ramzan Kadyrov rages over US sanctions against his mother

Vladimir Putin’s “attack dog” reportedly ordered his personal doctor to be “buried alive” after blaming his deteriorating health on the treatment he was administering.

Just days prior to the reported hospitalization of Ramzan Kadyrov – a formidable warlord from Chechnya and an ally of President Putin – was accused of making the horrifying move supposedly in retaliation for an alleged attempt to poison him.

Kadyrov blamed his deteriorating health on his personal doctor who he believed was poisoning him, before the physician was allegedly brutally murdered, according to reports.

Anton Gerashchenko, Ukraine’s internal affairs adviser, made the claims citing the VChK-OGPU Telegram channel, which purports to have inside information from Russian security forces.

The channel alleged that Kadyrov, also known as “Putin’s attack dog,” targeted the physician named Elkhan Suleymanov, who was also the former deputy prime minister of Chechnya.

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“There is talk that [Suleymanov] was killed and buried alive in the ground,” the channel said.

While there is no confirmation of Suleymanov’s demise, reports suggest that he has not been seen since October 2022, when he was dismissed from his role as deputy Prime Minister.

On September 10, Gerashchenko said: “Suleymanov was an extraordinary figure in Kadyrov’s entourage — a Lezgin, not a Chechen, and had an impressive professional record in medicine.

“His abrupt disappearance and mysterious death raise many questions.”

According to the Telegram channel, Suleymanov administered injections to Kadyrov, who attributed his deteriorating health to the treatment and subsequently dismissed him from his role as deputy Prime Minister in October 2022.

The doctor’s last post on social media was in October 2022. “Since then, no one has seen him again (absolutely everyone says that he is not alive and he died a painful death),” said the VChK –OGPU post , citing a source who added: Iif we are talking about something else, then he may be in captivity and they will show him on camera.”

Kadyrov remains a staunch supporter of Vladimir Putin and has been accused of repeated human rights abuses in Russia’s Caucasus region.

His troops have also fought in Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. On Friday, less than one week before the doctor’s reported death, Kadyrov was hospitalized in critical condition, Andriy Yusov, a representative of Ukraine’s military intelligence told Ukrainian news outlet Obozrevatel.

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There have been reports his deteriorating health was due to kidney problems, causing speculation that he was the victim of a poisoning attack.

“It is not about injuries. Other details require additional clarification. He has been ill for a long time, and we are talking about systemic health problems,” Yusov said.

Kadyrov’s condition worsened over the past few days, and the Chechen leader has fallen into a coma, according to reports.

However, anonymous Chechen Telegram channel 1ADAT said they have not been able to confirm Kadyrov’s hospitalization but will continue to monitor the situation.

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