Flash flooding submerges coastal town as Met Office issues rare amber warning

Flash flooding has caused chaos in South West England, with a sudden deluge leaving residents in one town stranded either side of a gushing stream of water flowing down their street.

A major road in the town of Dawlish, Devon, is underwater following the exceptionally heavy rainfall.

The Met Office issued an amber weather warning earlier today, noting that two weeks worth of rain was due to fall in a single hour.

The treacherous conditions may be threatening to life as the fast-flowing water careers down the main road.

Meteorologists also warned that flooding may affect homes and shops and residents in the area have been told to expect power cuts.

The amber warning is in place until 4pm today, meanwhile a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms remains in place until 6pm.

The Mirror reported that police are on the scene of the flood and have cordoned off a section of road to insulate residents from the flow of water.

Officers earlier lambasted drivers for driving recklessly in the inclement conditions.

One traffic cop was reported as saying: โ€œThe rain is so heavy it is forming small lakes on some stretches of the motorway, yet some drivers are still tearing along at over 70mph.

โ€œThey can’t see ahead because of the blinding spray, and if they hit one of the sheets of water, their car will aquaplane and take off. Itโ€™s a tragic accident waiting to happen. – they’re lunatics who could kill other people as well as themselves.โ€

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