UK set for big freeze with -4C polar plunge set to arrive within 48 hours

The Met Office has revealed winter is coming with a polar plunge set to hit Britain within days as some parts of the country seeing a massive 10-degree drop in temperature.

Cold weather is predicted to finally make an appearance after some areas of the South East and London experienced unseasonal highs in the mid-20s earlier in the week.

In Scotland, the mercury could plummet to -4C in exposed spots and glens and the Met Office said “all parts of the UK” will be cooler.

Last weekend the UK recorded its warmest October in five years, but the country will now experience temperatures far below average for the time of year with snow on the cards on higher ground by Sunday.

The forecast for Saturday into Sunday and Sunday into Monday is very cold, with Saturday night perhaps as low as -4C.

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In a statement the Met Office said: “All parts of the UK will turn much cooler by the weekend, with daytime temperatures potentially up to 10C colder than earlier this week across southern England.

“The first widespread overnight frost of the season is also likely across many central and northern areas over the weekend.”

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Brent Walker said: “As we head through second half of this week cold air will push southwards across the country and there is a risk that showers over mountains of Scotland could turn wintry.

“By the weekend we expect all regions of the UK to be in the cold airmass and overnight frosts are possible.

“With high pressure continuing to dominate our weather early next week, it will start largely fine, settled, and cool by day, with cold nights and a risk of rural air frosts in places. Any early morning mist or fog should clear quickly and there could be a few showers possible around some coasts at times.”

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Over the next 48 hours further rain, perhaps heavy in places, is likely for the rest of this week, before the weather turns much cooler by the weekend.

The heaviest rain will see some central and southern parts of England and Wales potentially having a very wet day on Friday.

Further north, there will be some sunshine, but also some showers, which will turn heavier, later in the week and, as colder conditions become established from the north, some snow is likely for Scottish mountains.

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