Boffins claim foamy head on beer makes it take twice as good as normal

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    It's enough to get lager lovers into a frothing rage – but pints with a fabulously foamy head really do taste better.

    Boffins in Japan have found a thick layer of bubbles can make beer twice as aromatic. And it proves Melanie Sykes – who found fame telling fans of creamy Boddingtons bitter, "By ’eck it’s gorgeous" – was right.

    Flavour is concentrated in the millions of bubbles in the foam layer, say researchers at Kyushu Sangyo University and Japanese brewer Asahi. So boozers may want to think twice before asking for a “top up” if their pint has “too much head”.

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    The study said: “Beer foam can promote the release of specific and attractive aromas to encourage beer drinking. Foam acts as an efficient gas exchange surface, directing aroma toward the drinker's olfactory (smell) sensors."

    In plain English… it’s nicer to sup. Our noses can tell if a beer is fruity, malthy or earthy, while our tastebuds can sense if it’s sweet, sour or bitter. A pint typically contains hundreds of flavour compounds, released during the brewing.

    Regardless of pint taste and appeal, there are some pubs which should never be entered. One in particular was reported by the Daily Star and garnered a reputation as one of the UK's roughest pubs.

    The Eagle and Child on Liverpool Road in Huyton, Merseyside, was referred to as one of the hardest pubs in the country. X, formerly Twitter, users had fond memories of the tough as nails pub.

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    Retired Merseyside detective Albert Kirby said of the venue: "It was regarded as being a hell hole and a no-go area. It always had that reputation. I think it was considered a criminals’ sanctuary." Another user recalled tales told by their father on the state of the boozer.

    They wrote: "My dad told me that some fella stole a monkey from Knowsley Safari Park and tried to raffle it in the pub." Another added: "Got a broken nose bit of a limp but no knives guns etc good old days".

    Those "good old days" were nothing in comparison to the range of tipples on offer at the pub. Another said: "They sold Bentox in there which was a wine out of the barrel or off the wood as they called it. It was like drinking ciggy lighter fuel and sent people crazy it was later banned. This was a terrible pub 60 years ago not just in later years".

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