Suspect in deadly city shooting was alcoholic Nazi who tortured animals

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    The 'alcoholic' 32-year-old who was arrested for the deadly shootings in Rotterdam is a Nazi-sympathising medical student who was convicted for abusing his own rabbit and dog.

    The gunman is said to have first shot people in a home not far from the Erasmus University Medical Centre in the Dutch second city. He then allegedly went to facility where he shot a teacher in a classroom. Fires had also been set at both locations.

    The man, named as Fouad L, was caught by police after the shootings while wearing combat gear on the helipad of the hospital he studied at.

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    The gunman killed a mother and her 14-year-old daughter, reportedly neighbours of the suspect. De Telegraaf reported that the woman was the neighbour who reported Fouad's animal abuse two years ago, but police have yet to comment on this.

    And reports in his native country suggest that he violently abused his pet rabbit and was given just 40 hours community service for the crimes in December 2021.

    Fouad was boozed up on a litre of liquor and beers when he kicked the rabbit and put a brick onto its body. A veterinarian was forced to end the rabbit's life.

    He reportedly told a judge he was so drunk he experienced psychosis. Fouad was also suspected of shooting a pigeon with a crossbow. Despite a witness statement, the judge acquitted him of this.

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    The public prosecutor demanded that the other rabbits be taken from the man, but the judge ruled that this was not necessary. The man was previously convicted for other minor crimes.

    And it has since transpired that officers found horrific images on the suspect's phone, including Nazi and right-wing extremist material including posts on extremist forums on 4Chan, as well as videos of people being stabbed to death.

    He reportedly told authorities he is an alcoholic and has Asperger's syndrome.

    On 4Chan, an anonymous English-language imageboard website, he called for "death to all normies [normal people]".

    He also said he had been kicked out of medical school because of an incident with his dog.

    Fouad also reportedly claimed he was a "clairvoyant genius, bordering on predicting the future".

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