Disgusted mum starts petition after hastily shielding baby sons eyes in Tesco

A "disgusted" mum doing a bit of shopping in Tesco was left shielding the eyes of her young son due to what they saw.

The aisle of a Tesco Express on Huddersfield Road in Oldham, Manchester, stunned Ayesha Idrees, who had popped into the shop for some baby food. But the other items in the aisle left her "uncomfortable" and fuming with the store.

The 28-year-old mum-of-two was so aggrieved she now refuses to shop there and has started a petition to have adult sex toys moved to a different location. Currently, they sit at eye level with baby food.

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"Protective" mum Ayesha has since spoken of her fury when she stumbled onto the sex toys and baby food aisle. She says she spoke with a manager but no action had been taken when she returned to the store on September 29.

A petition has so far reached 92 signatures, with "angry" mum Ayesha describing herself as a "concerned parent". Those who signed the petition described Tesco's aisle stocking ways as "totally inappropriate" and "completely unacceptable".

Ayesha, from Oldham, said: "I went to that aisle to get baby food. My baby was with me at the time and my eldest was still at school. He was in a pram. The baby food is always at his eye level, but so are the [adult] toys.

"It makes me feel very uncomfortable. I'm very protective of my children and I do not want them to be exposed to such things so early in life. Naturally, children are curious and they absorb information from their surroundings.

"It's a family supermarket – they should be more cautious with where they place things. The manager meant no offence, but he said my child won't exactly know what it is. But it's not about if the child recognises what the item is, it should not be displayed to begin with.

"It doesn't matter if the child understands or not. It made me a bit angry because an older child, who is also innocent, might understand what it is. When I went in today [September 29] I had to cover my son to hide what was going on just so I could grab the things I needed and quickly get out the aisle. I shouldn't have to do that."

Full-time mum Ayesha has since revealed the management of the Tesco Extra could not do anything. There was "nothing he can do" unless official word was given to him by senior management members, she claims.

Ayesha added: "I don't want to be supporting a store that doesn't take into consideration children's wellbeing. I want Tesco to make a change."

The Daily star has contacted Tesco for comment.

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