No nonsense cops use power saw to remove eco-zealots from busy road

A climate protester who glued his hand to a busy road in Germany to block traffic was cut free by police using a power saw.

The no-nonsense officers removed around 50 activists from the centre of the city around the Potsdamer Platz this morning.

After lifting several of the group called Last Generation off the highway, police then brought in heavy tools and power saws to slice up the street around where some had glued their hands to the road.

Photographs from the scene show one man holding up his hand still surrounded by a perfect square of the asphalt he had glued himself to.

In all, nine protesters glued themselves to the road and all were cut free.

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German newspaper BILD reported 200 officers were reported to break up the disruption to traffic at around 8am this morning.

The publication said the road was closed briefly as officers removed the protesters before being fully re-opened at around 10am.

The local city police, Polizei Berlin Einsatz, released a statement as an operation to tackle the protest began this morning. Posting on the social media site X they said: “In the Potsdamer Platz area, members of the so-called last generation have stuck themselves to the road and are blocking several lanes.

“Our emergency services are on site and have already removed the first people from the road.”

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A Last Generation spokeswoman Carla Rochel told German publication TAG 24: “We can no longer wait for the transition away from oil, gas and coal, so we will protest until it starts.”

Commenting on the police action, another representative of Last Generation said: “We are shocked that some Berlin police officers are willing to accept injuries in order to prevent a demonstration and a short-term traffic jam.”

Elsewhere in Germany on Thursday developed countries pledged £7.6billion to help poor nations tackle climate change at a conference held in the city of Bonn.

The pledged money at the conference in Bonn will be used to finance projects in developing and emerging nations between 2024 and 2027. The German government alone pledged 2 billion euros.

Twenty-five countries came forward with fresh pledges while five said that they would announce theirs in the near future.

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