Moment helpless Russian soldier is obliterated by Ukrainian missile strike

This is the dramatic moment a Russian soldier is blown up by a Ukrainian missile strike.

Aerial footage follows the enemy as he saunters across a field in an unspecified location in Ukraine.

Suddenly a bright flash of light creeps up behind the unsuspecting soldier.

He turns around only to realise that the whistling sound to his rear is an incoming missile.

Unfortunately, the Russian soldier’s realisation comes too late – he’s blown to smithereens.

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The Shadow Unit lands a precise kamikaze drone hit on a russian soldier walking in the Kupyansk direction
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His lifeless body lies strewn across the grass as a cloud of smoke billows up into the sky.

In another humiliating blow, a Ukrainian sniper is seen taking out a Russian soldier with a single bullet.

Scenes like this have become all too common as Russian soldiers are put through the meat grinder of Vladimir Putin’s war machine.

Russian media and military personnel are prohibited from publishing information about heavy losses in Ukraine but discontent is growing at home.

A report published last month by the Institute of the Study of War reveals how Russian bloggers have criticised an unnamed associate of Russian Lieutenant General Andrey Sychyov, who was reportedly recently relieved of his command position for military failures near Bakhmut.

The 400-year-old city in eastern Ukraine was the site of the war’s bloodiest battle since the invasion began before it fell into Russian hands in May.

It’s reported that in September 2023, Russian forces (likely in the Bakhmut area) suffered losses of 1,500 personnel.

According to ISW experts, only 10-20 percent of the total information is published in Russian media, with the rest being withheld from the public for various reasons.

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