Luis Rubiales shares video of Womens Teams reaction to kiss incident with FIFA

The embattled boss of Spanish football, Luis Rubiales, has shared a recently-surfaced clip with FIFA amid criticism following their World Cup win. The video shows the women’s football team’s reactions in response to the notorious kiss incident.

Journalist Alvise Perez shared the video on X, previously known as Twitter.

Jenni Hermoso is seen laughing in the video while watching a meme of herself getting kissed by Rubiales.

Following this incident, FIFA suspended him for 90 days, and Spain is actively demanding his removal from his position.

However, he has steadfastly refused to resign, and his mother has even gone on a hunger strike in his defence.

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It has now been revealed that he transmitted the video to FIFA headquarters in an attempt to clear his name.

A close source close to him told MailOnline: “This video is gold dust for Rubiales.

“All along we have said for Jenni to tell the truth. There was no sexual assault. If there was why was she laughing and joking?”

“She waited more than three days to make a complaint, if she was that offended why not say something straight away and why joke about it with team mates?”

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Despite Rubiales’ insistence he did nothing wrong, Spain’s government, its players’ unions, soccer clubs, fans and most importantly, Hermoso and her teammates, saw his act as a sexist abuse of power that was no longer tolerable.

FIFA, the world soccer governing body, suspended Rubiales for 90 days, and Spain’s government is moving to have him declared unfit to hold the post.

The condemnation of Rubiales, who also grabbed his crotch in a lewd victory gesture within sight of Spain’s Queen Letizia and teenage daughter, Princess Sofía, following Spain’s victory in the August 20 final, has spread beyond the government and the powers-that-be in soccer.

Fans at men’s games last weekend in the popular La Liga chanted for Rubiales to go, while hundreds rallied in downtown Madrid in support of Hermoso.

Rubiales had the chance to step down on Friday. Instead, he delivered a tirade to his federation members, claiming to be the victim of a witch hunt by “false feminists.”

While sexism has historically run deep in Spain, Rubiales has found himself out of step with the country’s rapidly changing social mores. 

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