Archaeologists blown away as boat-shaped mound holds key Noahs Ark evidence

Archaeologists in Turkey have discovered what they believe to be ruins of a Noah’s Ark-like vessel after excavating a geological site.

The researchers started their work at the site back in 2021, and they initially found material containing clay and seafood.

But now they have found further evidence that could be linked to the story of Noah’s Ark in the Bible.

In the Book of Genesis, it was the mountains of Ararat in what is now eastern Turkey where Noah’s Ark came to rest after the flood.

Researchers have found evidence that could suggest human activity was present on the boat-shaped mound between 5500 and 3000 BC.

Experts from Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Andrew University, and Agri Ibrahim Cecen University (AICU) have explained the findings in their rock samples.

AICU Vice Rector Professor Faruk Kaya said: “According to the first findings obtained from the studies, there have been human activities in the region since the Chalcolithic period between the years 5500 and 3000 BC.

“It is known that the flood of Prophet Noah went back 5,000 years ago.

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“In terms of dating, it is stated that there was life in this region as well. This was revealed in the laboratory results.

“It is not possible to say that the ship is here with the dating. We need to work for a long time to reveal this.”

While the story of Noah’s Ark is technically considered a historical event, most archaeologists to now believe in the literal interpretation of the story as told in the Bible.

In the Bible, God orders Noah to build a ship to save his family and two of every animal.

Deeming Noah to be the only righteous man worth saving in a world full of sin, God told him to build the ship himself in time for the Great Flood.

Dozens of researchers and individuals have claimed to have located the ark, but no one has ever been able to produce definitive evidence.

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