Wrestling legends brawl on packed 180mph bullet train after chance encounter

Wrestling legends sent a bullet train carriage into a frenzy when the duo began duking it out on the vehicle travelling 180mph.

The bullet train brawl in Japan saw Minoru Suzuki and Sanshiro Takagi wrestle against one another in a mad stunt aboard a travelling train. Those on board whipped out their phones and began to record the sudden brawl.

Suzuki even pulled off a Gotch Piledriver and planted his opponent in the aisle of the train, much to the delight of those watching from their seats. A victory for Suzuki placed him as one of the few wrestlers to win on a moving vehicle.

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CyberFight president Takagi was bested in the bout, with the duo coming to blows in the DDT Pro-Wrestling match.

The pair had been aboard the train with Kenta Kobashi checking train tickets before encountering rival of the ring Takagi. The pair had been "on the same train" before their impromptu bout, which also featured an appearance from Kazunari Murakami.

The former MMA fighter turned wrestler had voiced his complaints at how loud Takagi was being, and it led to a fight between ticket inspector Kobashi and loudmouth Takagi, PostWrestling reported.

The 75-seat bout delighted those on board, with plenty of wrestling fans looking elated during footage of the fight. It is not the first time the company has picked wild locations for its fights either.

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DDT Wrestling hired out the whole carriage for its match, and has previously held grisly fights inside bookstores and a campsite in the past. Suzuki, was victorious in the end of this recent out-of-ring bout.

Equally as wild matches were placed in the AEW ring in Wembley Arena just recently, with the Daily Star reporting an incredible comeback for in-ring star Saraya.

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