Putin hit with stark warning from major ally over Ukraine war stalemate

Vladimir Putin has been warned by close ally Alexander Lukashenko that the war in Ukraine is “seriously stalemate”. The leader of Belarus has declared that both sides need to order an end to military operations and “come to an agreement”.

Lukashenko insisted that any talks would not need preconditions attached.

Ukraine’s offensive has ground to a halt having achieved little territorial gains at a high cost in men and material.

Meanwhile, Russia appears able to soak up the Ukranian assault but appears unable to mount any decisive offensives.

Lukashenko said: “There are enough problems on both sides and in general the situation is now seriously stalemate: no one can do anything and substantively strengthen or advance their position,

“Theyโ€™re there head-to-head, to the death, entrenched. People are dying.”


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