October heatwave to make UK 10C hotter after risk to life Storm Agnes

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    A sudden surge of heat in October could see the country 10C hotter than it usually is during the autumn months.

    The mini heatwave may come just days after Storm Agnes, which poses a "risk to life" according to weather experts. Weather maps are now suggesting temperatures in the mid-20C range could cause havoc at the start of the month.

    Summer heats are set for October, with forecast suggesting there will be a brief but noticeable increase in temperatures starting next week. Off-season temperatures are set to hike past 20C in just a few days.

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    But before the warm weather resumes, rainy showers and a "risk to life" in the form of Storm Agnes are expected this week. The Met Office has kept a close eye on the storm and has confirmed a yellow weather warning is in place.

    A weather map from WXCharts has confirmed the heat will begin to develop in the southeast of England from October 1, before stretching up the rest of the country. Temperatures that day will find themselves pushing for 24C in parts of the country.

    Reports from Exacta Weather confirmed the potentially hot start to October, with an update on an "Indian Summer" spell released. The warmer weather will not travel over to mid-October as a "very unsettled" period is set to follow.

    ExactaWeather reports indicated: "From around the end of the working week and into the last few days of September will now see a pattern change to another spell of Indian Summer weather and ample sunshine for Brits as high pressure nudges in across our shores and brings another period of very warm temperatures for the time of the year.

    "These temperatures could reach as high or even exceed the mid 20s in parts of the south by next weekend (30th Sept – 1st Oct) and parts further north should nudge 20C or more in the best of this late summer sunshine, some several degrees above-average for the time of the year."

    An unexpected spot of warm weather for the latter months of the year may come as a surprise, but the unsettled period could bring with it even more storms similar to Storm Agnes. There could be some "absolute horror" storms, according to the weather outlet.

    They added: "We feel they will continue with these indecisive changes for the next few days, and before becoming more affirmative on some sort of warm to hot spell, and prior to becoming much more unsettled and cooler later in the period, particularly, around mid-October."

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