New maps show exactly when Indian summer heatwave will end as temps plunge 10C

UK weather: Met Office forecasts further heatwave temperatures

Temperatures across the UK are set to plummet by 10C within a matter of days, an expert has warned.

Brits are currently waiting for October’s mini heatwave, with the mercury likely to tip 25C this weekend thanks to a surge of heat drifting up from Europe.

But anyone planning trips to the seaside and similar excursions would do well to note that after Sunday, temperatures will drop by 10C- making shorts and a t-shirt a much less attractive option.

Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist with British Weather Services, explains temperatures are expected to peak by October 8, before plummeting: “After this temperatures will gradually fall by 10C until they reach normal but nothing too cold, while some warmth will still be felt, especially in the south.”

Mr Dale continued: “I’m thinking this will be the warmest ever UK October after June and September did likewise. But London to Cambridge will see the main corridor of warmth on Sunday. True Indian Summer stuff.”

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Britain and the rest of Europe has seen an extraordinary summer with temperatures soaring across much of southern Europe, and wildfires raging in Portugal, Greece and Spain.

The latter recorded its hottest October day on record yesterday, a sweltering 38.2 C (F 100.8) in the city of Cordoba. However, even the second half of the month is likely to be tolerable in terms of temperatures as Halloween approaches.

Mr Dale told “It’s climate-change induced. Temperature records have been broken in many European countries of late and back here 25C top temperatures are coming this Sunday.

“That’s the peak of it – following what will be an all-time record September by some margin.”

Mr Dale stressed: “We are getting the top end – with the south experiencing more of the continental warmth than the north but it’ll still be well above seasonal normal in the north.”

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After this temperatures will gradually fall by ten degrees until they reach normal but nothing too cold, while some warmth will still be felt, especially in the south.

“We live in strange times.”

In his latest BBC weather forecast, meterologist Greg Dewhurst said: “It stays mixed over the coming days – with initially low pressure dominating the weather pattern.

“A large area of low pressure sat to the northwest of the UK weather front straight over the UK bringing outbreaks of rain at times and if we move the sequence on we’ll see further systems moving across as we move through the week.

“And then a ridge of high pressure builds in from the south, allowing some dry weather here but further outbreaks of heavy rain are likely particularly towards the end of the week across the northwest of the UK.

“But at the same time this then starts to draw in some warm if not very warm air from the southwest towards the end of the week and into next weekend with temperatures likely to be well above average for the time of year.”

The outlook for this week is significantly more unsettled, with Wednesday seeing patchy rain across the North, which is expected to turn heavy at times, according to Meterogroup UK.

There will be fairly dry and pleasant conditions elsewhere, especially in southern areas.

Similar weather will be seen on Thursday, although parts of England may see an isolated shower during the afternoon.

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