Moment Daniel Khalife was confronted by plain clothes cop and pulled off bike

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    Escaped prisoner Daniel Khalife was confronted by a plain clothes police officer and "pulled off his bike" following a manhunt for the missing lag.

    Commander Dominic Murphy confirmed the instance Khalife, 21, who was behind bars for allegedly eliciting or trying to elicit information useful to a terrorist organisation, was captured.

    His return behind bars comes four days after a manhunt was sparked for the former military man, who is believed to have escaped HMP Wandsworth while wearing a chef's uniform.

    But his four-day stint in the great outdoors has come to a close after a plain clothes officer allegedly pulled him from his bicycle.

    Commander Murphy said: "At 10.41am he was arrested in Rowdell Road in UB5 in London on the canal towpath.

    "He was actually arrested by a plain clothes officer… and he was riding a pedal cycle so a pushbike at the time, was pulled off that pushbike by that officer and arrested at that location.

    "Upon being detained by the officer he was fully co-operative and handcuffed and arrested."

    Khalife's break from prison comes as he was awaiting trial while behind bars, allegedly escaping by hanging onto the bottom of a food delivery van at the prison.

    A "national incident" was soon declared and reported by the Daily Star, while Commander Murphy has warned anyone who aided the Khalife would be pursued.

    He said: "It is important to say now though, now he is in custody, and he is in custody in a west London police station, this is still an ongoing investigation so he still has to stand trial for the original offences for which he was on remand and clearly we now need to go and complete the rest of our investigation into his escape

    "If we identify anybody who helped and supported him we will be looking for them and ensuring that they also face justice."

    Commander Murphy added the officer in the area at the time had been part of a "search strategy" hunting for Khalife.

    He added: "The officer was in that area as a result of being tasked to search for Daniel, saw him on a pedal cycle, was able to pull him off that pushbike, and arrest him at that moment in time."

    An unnamed man who witnessed the arrest said: "I look back and it seemed like two guys having an argument. I didn’t know at the time what was happening.

    "I walked away. It didn’t even click. It seemed a bit random. They must have had people on every approach to the canal side knowing that he was cycling."

    Khalife had been discharged from the British Army in May 2023 after allegedly planting a fake bomb at an RAF base and allegedly gathering information which may be useful to enemies of the UK.

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