Young zookeeper killed by tiger after coworkers didnt warn her cage was open

A young woman was mauled to death by a tiger in a safari park enclosure last week after colleagues failed to warn her the cage door was open.

The 21-year-old, who police identified as Catalina Torres Ibarra, was killed in the big cat enclosure in Chile, South America on Friday.

She was reportedly sent to perform cleaning duties before the fatal attack in Rancagua, where she suffered horror neck wounds and died "on the spot."

Her colleague Leonardo Maluenda, claims she was not told the tiger's cage door was open.

Leonardo told the press: "The most logical thing is that they tell you to be careful if you go to clean up there because the tiger is loose, but they did not warn her."

Colleagues are now playing the blame game amid an internal investigation into the incident.

The park's finance manager, Antonio Rojas, claimed that a group of workers had deliberately unlocked the tigers' cage against protocol.

However, the workers in question have vehemently denied the allegations saying that the cage was already open and that they did not open it themselves.

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Catalina had been working at the enclosure for over two years, and she occasionally gave guided tours to families.

Promotional photos from the attraction even show lions climbing onto reinforced vehicles.

However, according to the park, none of her duties involved having direct contact with any of the animals.

The vans are usually reinforced and are towed by a cage in which visitors travel to see cats inside, which they can even get into the vehicles as part of the experience.

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A big risk can be run by workers who clean and maintain the facilities, although they are not usually in danger

The safari park continues to remain closed as police investigate claims of possible negligence.

The tiger’s condition remains unclear, the Sun reports.

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