You wanted a parade?! Kyiv ridicules Putin with mock parade of destroyed tanks – WATCH

Ukraine ridicules Moscow as Kyiv holds mock parade

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Ukraine, which celebrates its independence day on August 24, has held a mock parade of destroyed Russian tanks and military equipment along a road in the capital Kyiv. The parade, which saw Ukrainian citizens taking selfies on top of broken-down Russian tanks, was used to humiliate Moscow and Vladimir Putin. Videos of the mock parade quickly went viral, with several videos already gaining more than a million views.

Many Ukrainians poked fun that the Russians were finally staging a military parade in Kyiv, but not the one they had planned.

President Putin had originally hoped to take the capital Kyiv within two days of the invasion, which has since dragged on for six months and largely stalled.

The Ukrainian Defence Ministry tweeted: “In February, Russians were planning a parade in downtown Kyiv.

“6 months into the large-scale war the shameful display of rusty Russian metal is a reminder to all dictators how their plans may be ruined by a free and courageous nation.”

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Columns of tanks were moved by cranes and lorries this morning to Khreshchatyk Street, which is usually used to celebrate Ukraine’s independence day.

Among the destroyed vehicles on display were Russian T-72/80/90 main battle tanks and BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles.

Mariana Betsa, Ukraine’s ambassador to Estonia, tweeted: “Russia wanted to have a parade in Kyiv. Well, be careful what you wish for…

“Destroyed Russian tanks in Khreschatyk – Kyiv main square. Ukraine will prevail.”

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BBC journalist Myroslava Petsa tweeted: “Russia wanted to have a victory parade on Khreshchatyk St in Kyiv.

“Half a year into its ugly barbaric war and a few adjustments later, here’s what the real parade looks like.

“Destroyed Russian military vehicles that symbolize anything but Russia’s victory.”


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Ukrainian journalist Oleksiy Sorokin tweeted: “Russians finally have their military parade in downtown Kyiv. Yet, there’s a catch.”

Previously, Ukrainian armed forces spokesman Oleksandr Hruzevych said that Russian soldiers advancing on Kyiv had brought military parade uniforms with them, a sign that Russia was expecting a swift victory.

Mr Hruzevych said that the uniforms were found in abandoned Russian military vehicles around Kyiv after Moscow’s forces retreated.

This week will mark Ukraine’s 31st Independence Day, which honors the Proclamation of Independence of Ukraine granted when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.


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