Xi may choose war in this decade over Taiwan warns China expert

Chinese Communist Party’s ambitions will not be limited to China’s borders unless the US and its allies contain them, a US-China leading scholar and author is to warn in an upcoming book. Coming Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen is visiting America amid tensions rising tensions between the US and China, author Dr Jonathan D.T. Ward fears a potential conflict may arise in the coming decade.

In a copy of his upcoming book The Decisive Decade and China’s Vision of Victory, Dr Ward writes: “The world has watched as one authoritarian regime wages war against a democratic neighbour.

“In Ukraine, the murder of women and children, the use of flechette munitions on civilians, and the destruction of apartment blocks, hospitals, and cities by the Russian military has shown the world one side of the Russia-China “comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era.”

As a result, he argued it is essential for the West to anticipate potential conflicts that may arise in the coming decade.

Dr Ward writes: “The Free World must now prepare for what may be coming in the Pacific.

“The Chinese Communist Party’s pathologies will not remain inside the People’s Republic of China unless contained by the United States and our allies.”

Dr Ward points out how CCP has been conducting missile strikes on mock-up US naval bases and aircraft carriers in the same remote regions of Xinjiang where Beijing has been accused of carrying out genocide against the Uyghurs.

In light of these developments and others, Dr Ward warns in the upcoming books that “a consensus is growing that the Chinese Communist Party may choose war in this decade”.

China’s persistent determination to take control of Taiwan, by force if necessary, remains one of the primary sources of tension in the region.

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President Tsai Ing-wen’s upcoming trip to the US, including a potential meeting with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, is viewed as highly provocative by Beijing.

The details of her visit have been kept largely under wraps, and the events of Thursday were closed to the media due to the sensitivity of the situation.

Although the trip is significant for Taiwan, as it demonstrates overseas support, it is also fraught with tension for both Taiwan and the US.

China considers Taiwan to be its territory and sees any interaction between Taiwanese and US officials as a challenge to its sovereignty.

Dr Ward said: “President Tsai Ing-wen’s visit to the United States – and her meeting with Speaker Kevin McCarthy – may become a moment long-remembered in 21st-century history.

“Tensions between the United States and China are headed for their lowest point since the establishment of diplomatic relations in the 1970s.

“However, the United States must remain true to its values and consistent in its support for Taiwan – a Chinese democracy – which provides a direct counterpoint to the human rights atrocities and growing totalitarianism in Beijing.

“Military and diplomatic support for Taiwan has been essential to US strategy in Asia since the early Cold War. Together we have weathered multiple crises in the Taiwan Strait, initiated over the decades by Beijing’s military actions. Taiwan’s security is essential to the broader military security of Asia, including that of Allies like Japan and Korea.”

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