WWEs new boss attacked her dad with pipe before he choked her unconscious

Much has been made of the departure of Vince McMahon as boss-of-everything at WWE.

Having left under a cloud last month, he was replaced by his daughter Stephanie McMahon, alongside executive Nick Kahn.

Stephanie, who turns 46 today, had been the likely heir to her father's billion dollar throne for many years, both inside and out of the ring.

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But in 2003, the pair did actually face off for the seat of power in front of millions on television and an audience of more than 10,000 in a huge arena.

The WWE's first ever father vs daughter match happened on the No Mercy pay-per-view, with Stephanie's job as general manager of the Smackdown brand on the line.

Before we go any further, let's not pretend – this was all scripted and has no relevance to the fact that she would actually take over from her father nearly 20 years later.

Anyway, back to the madness of WWE in the early 2000s.

In an era when men vs women wasn't shunned by WWE bosses in the way it has been in recent years, Stephanie and her bodybuilding dad battled it out in an I Quit match.

The simple rule of this is that the loser has to scream “I QUIT” into a microphone when they can't take any more punishment from their opponent.

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So how did this insanity come to be?

Well, it was a strange love rival battle between Vince, who had decided to go an have an in-ring…maybe…affair with Sable, and wife Linda McMahon.

She was represented by Stephanie, who was so angered by her dad's actions – something he had done many times before, however – that she was defending her mother's honour.

And Vince being Vince, who played Mr McMahon on screen, had zero issues beating up his daughter in front of a watching audience.

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And interesting, the match took place just six days before Stephanie was getting in-real-life married to WWE legend Triple H.

Speaking to the First Things First podcast recently about the build-up, she recalled: “Oh my goodness.

“Well, I did have to wrestle my father in what may be the first-ever father – daughter match, six days before my actual wedding.

“So that's an interesting moment.

“My mom was so mad at my dad. She said, 'If you give her a black eye, if she gets a black eye before her wedding, I'm going to kill you.' So that was a very interesting moment.”

But Vince didn't hold back, at all.

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The match featured her hitting him with a steel pipe – and actual steel pipe, which does hurt – and Vince shockingly and ridiculously using the same pipe to hit his own daughter with, all while mum Linda watched on.

The ending came when Vince used the pipe to actually choke Stephanie to the point where she actually couldn't utter the words “I Quit”, and her mum ended up throwing the white towel in on her behalf.

The crowd booed Vince out of the building, while Stephanie walked out to a standing ovation as most fans knew she was taking a break from being on-screen for a while.

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Wrestling historian Dave Meltzer gave the match a two and three quarter stars out of five (or six, or seven depending on his mood) rating – which is probably around two stars too many looking back on it – and it lasted nine minutes and 24 seconds.

Stephanie ended up taking more than a year off, returning to confront legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin in October 2005.

He gave her a Stone Cold Stunner for her troubles.

It's safe to say Stephanie has never been afraid to step foot in the ring, even when it's going toe-to-toe with her own father.

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