WWE villains Pretty Deadly settling in US after pain of leaving UK for NXT role

NXT Stand and Deliver hosts Pretty Deadly say they’re in the groove of WWE life after settling in the US following their whirlwind move from the UK.

The outrageous Brits have endured a hectic last 12 months after swapping the homely surroundings of NXT UK for their new home base NXT in the States.

Having been a staple part of the brand based at BT Sport Studios, Kit Wilson and Elton Prince gate-crashed the show’s American counterpart in sensational style last spring.

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Within a week they’d won the NXT tag team championships while introducing a whole new audience to their brash, overbearing on-screen characters.

It afforded them little time to ease into a new home and new surroundings in the US – as is so often the case in WWE.

Speaking to Daily Star, the duo discussed the adjustment, explaining that things are finally now starting to settle.

"We now feel very adjusted,” said Prince. “But I will say that, for the first few months, there felt like no adjustment period.

“As has been very well documented, at times in WWE there is no in between period. We were off the plane and won some championships and were busy trying to defend them!

“So, the first few months was very go, go, go!

“With reference to just getting set up in a new country, there are some bits to do!

“Over the last three months… I’d never call this place home, that’s for sure, but this is a home away from home.”

There’s an invincibility with which Prince and Wilson play their on-screen roles, dripping in flamboyance and charisma.

That’s not to say they didn’t find it hard to leave friends and family behind in pursuit of the next part of their WWE journey.

“It was really hard to leave behind friends and family,” Wilson added. As a silver lining for me, my parents live in China, so I had already kind of separated from them!

“We text a lot and Facetime a lot and that’s currently our relationship at the moment.”

With family still settled in the UK, Prince explained: “Unfortunately the adjustment period was a little bit harder for me than it was for Kit because Kit is used to that lifestyle!

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“That was new for me so, yeah, it was tough, but we’re in WWE and we’re winning championships, so there is a level of understanding from Mama and Papa Prince!

“They’re very understanding. We’re getting through it.”

Pretty Deadly’s CV is mightily impressive for a team still relatively new to the scene – in WWE at least.

They’re already two-time NXT tag champs having unified those titles with the NXT UK gold later in 2022, and feature regularly on the gold brand each week, the show airing on USA Network and around the world on WWE’s own streaming platform.

Back before all of that, though, the pairing ruled on the UK export of NXT, with Prince recalling a funny story of his father attending a TV taping at BT Studios.

He jokingly added: “I do have a funny story which potentially leads to why I don’t miss my father too much!

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“A little while ago he came to an NXT UK taping and we were in the main event – of course, where else would we be?

“After the show I texted him the classic ‘Did you enjoy yourself?’ and he replied back with ‘Hey son, very fun’ – or something dad-like that makes no sense.

“Then he said, ‘my favourite match was “Axiom v Nathan Fraser.’

“Let me ask you this, Papa Prince: you really think I’d miss you when you’re gonna say stuff like that to me?

“I invite you into our home, our place of work and we’re not your favourite wrestlers?!”

While Pretty Deadly might not have been top billing for ‘Papa Prince’ that night, there’s no doubt a bright future awaits them in WWE.

What’s evident is that the pair are happy in their roles. Prince summed up by saying: “The adjustment period has been quite long, but now we feel settled.

“It is fun going to work every day, which is not something everyone can say.”

WWE NXT Presents Stand and Deliver, airing this Saturday evening in the UK on WWE Network in the lead up to night one of WrestleMania. For more details visit wwe.com.


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