WWE legend Shawn Michaels happy for NXT to aid fantastic Dominik Mysterio

Wrestling icon Shawn Michaels says he's held plenty of talks with Dominik Mysterio as one of WWE's top rising stars continues his development with time in NXT.

'Dirty Dom', son of another WWE Hall of Famer in Rey Mysterio, is one of the most detestable villains in all of WWE right now thanks to his role as part of The Judgement Day.

He performs as a top act on Monday Night Raw each week as his flourishing career continues to go from strength to strength despite his relative inexperience.

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Even now just 26, Dom made his in-ring debut three years younger – without the safety next of having spent time in NXT, WWE's developmental division first.

He's now getting the chance to dip his toe in that water, though, by pulling double duty and adding to his Monday nights with time in NXT on Tuesdays.

He even won the NXT North American Championship recently, and defends it at The Great American Bash this weekend.

He's making the most of the chance to effectively work in reverse by going back to NXT to and wrestle despite making a splash on the main roster first and foremost.

It's something that has impressed NXT chief Michaels, who told Daily Star he sees it as a great opportunity.

"It is an interesting situation for him as he was literally thrown in to the deep end pretty quickly," he explained.

"He has been around this line of work his entire life, so that much he was used to – the environment.

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"But once you get out there and are filling the shoes he's trying to fill, it's a pretty daunting task.

"There's almost no way for people to live up to the legacies of their fathers. Some do, but it's very rough and tough for any child of a WWE Superstar.

"Dom has done a wonderful job, but he's had to do it on the big stage.

"I think this is a great reprieve and opportunity for him."

Michaels, who turned 58 recently, is now using the vast experienced gathered from one of the greatest careers of all time to help shape and guide the careers of WWE's next generation.

He revealed he's held plenty of talks with prodigy Mysterio about the benefits of making the most of his time on the brand.

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He added: "Clearly, he's still out there on the main roster but he is allowed to come back here, and we've had a few talks.

"I wanted to be able to work on some of the things he feels he wants to work on, or to try things and maybe have more freedom down here, and a bit less structure.

"Also [he can] find out who Dom Mysterio is going to be, separated from his father."

Despite being just a short way into his own journey as a professional wrestler, Mysterio has honed his act well enough to become arguably WWE's best 'bad guy.'

Audiences regularly drown him out with boos, but Michaels says the man himself is a model professional.

"He's a very mature, respectful and professional young man at such a young age," he went on to say.

"Rey and his wife have done a fantastic job. He understands and respects this business.

"He's had a lot thrown on him but he's done a fantastic job thus far."

NXT Great American Bash takes place in Texas this Sunday, with fans in the UK able to watch via WWE Network. Visit wwe.com for more.

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