Wuhan lab leak report points to suspicious renovations at facility prior to outbreak

United States' House GOP report raises questions over Covid lab leak

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A report by Republican Congressmen in the United States has raised questions over renovations that reportedly took place at a lab in China prior to the emergence of Coronavirus. The House GOP report claims that the facility in Wuhan requested “significant” renovations to “air safety” and “waste treatment systems” in areas of the building reportedly less than two years old. The city of Wuhan would later become ground-zero for the Covid pandemic and has been the focus of investigations to uncover the origins of the deadly virus. 

Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee said: “Such significant renovations so soon after the facility began operation appear unusual.

“All raise questions about how well these systems were functioning in the months prior to the outbreak of Covid-19.”

Fox News medical contributor Dr Marc Siegel also labeled the renovations at the Chinese lab as “suspicious.”

He told the channel: “Why would a lab that is only two years old suddenly have issues with waste treatment and air safety?

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“Air safety with respiratory viruses in that lab.”

Mr Seigal went on to blast US Democrats for not working with Republicans to pressure President Biden to launch a full investigation into the China lab leak claims.

He added: “All this bears further investigation which President Biden has promised us.

“But of course right now it is not across the aisle n terms of investigation.”

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It comes as China threw out attempts by the World Health Organisation to hold further investigations into the origins of coronavirus.

Last week Beijing rejected calls from the WHO for countries to come together to investigate the source of the pandemic.

Tory Peer Lord Ridley reacted angrily at China’s refusal to cooperate with the international community.

He told LBC: “The position of China is truly extraordinary on this.

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“If any other country had an outbreak of a virus that went on to kill millions of people.

“And refused cooperate with an investigation of the laboratory [Wuhan Institute of Virology] working on the closest related virus in the world.

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