Women filmed pal having sex then posted revenge clip to Facebook for mum to see

Two women recorded their pal having sex before sending it to a group chat with her family members in a sick revenge porn incident.

Lauren Fowler, 20, and Aimee Lawson, 31, had X-rated footage of their victim from a previous boozy session.

After a row with their former mate, the pair decided to humiliate her by creating a Facebook group chat with strangers, her mum, and even her ex’s family.

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They then proceeded to send around four explicit videos and 40 photos to the group chat.

The offences – disclosing private sexual photographs and films with intent to cause distress – took place between May 8 and May 9 2021.

Fowler and Lawson also accused the victim of being a “s***” multiple times in the tirade, saying she slept with multiple men.

At Hull Crown Court, the victim said: "While in the group chat I was embarrassed, humiliated and angry when I found they had shared all my private life to my family who should not have seen such footage.

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"I am worried this has caused an issue with my ex-partner and his family and that this will continue into the future.

"I am also embarrassed I had to share this with the police but I feel they should be dealt with accordingly for what they have done."

But judge Ben Nolan decided to not send the women behind bars as they had successfully completed community orders whilst previously on bail for common assault.

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Nolan explained: "This was very unpleasant behaviour on both your parts. You were targeting the victim by weaponising social media.

"As this went on she must have become more and more distressed."

Both defendants were given a 12-month community order with 80 hours unpaid work and costs of £320.


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