Woman with a thing for men in uniform faces jail for slapping cop on the bum

A woman who fancies men in uniform could face up to six years in jail after she was accused of giving a copper a 'painful' slap on the bum.

Sandra D. Kobs-Sabo, 50, appeared in court on Monday (31 January) on charges of simple assault against a peace officer and sexual assault for offensive contact.

She was arrested early on Saturday morning at the Crossroads Tavern near Bismarck, North Dakota, after reportedly jogging up to the male officer and slapping him on the buttocks.

A probable cause affidavit says Kobs-Sabo was then detained after the "large swing" to the rear caused the man pain. She then reportedly called him a "sexy cop" as she was taken away.

Protesting her treatment, the woman said she "loves a man in uniform" and couldn't believe she was "going to jail for slapping a sexy cop in the ass".

She also asked him if he was married while en route to the police station. The law enforcement guards had been attending the venue for a routine bar check.

Kobs-Sabo now faces up to six years in jail if convicted on both counts. She would only have been liable for a lesser offence of simple assault if the victim was not a 'peace officer or correctional institution employee acting in an official capacity'.

Court records show that she was released from custody on Sunday after posting bail, and appeared in front of Burleigh County District Court Judge via a Zoom call on the same day.

Kobs-Sabo has now been banned from the bar, and was also handed an Order Prohibiting Contact preventing her from getting in touch with the officer on February 1.

Thee case is now being prosecuted by Assistant Burleigh County States Attorney Tessa Marie Vaagen. There is no legal representative currently listed as representing Kobs-Sabo.

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