Woman who married tree says theyre still happy after three years of marriage

A woman who married a tree in a bark-ing mad ceremony says they are still strong as oak after three years.

Kate Cunningham changed her surname to Elder when she wed her wooden soulmate in 2019.

And she insists they are more loved-up than ever this festive season.

Kate said: “People still ask questions and are still unsure of my motivations. I get asked, ‘has being married changed your life for the better?’ Yes, it has!

“‘Do you love the tree?’ Yes, I do!”

Kate visits the tree up to five times a week and has decorated it for Christmas, with a wreath, tinsel and baubles.

But don’t tell the tree she has a human boyfriend – although he insists he is comfortable with the arrangement.

Kate will leave her family at home on Boxing Day to spend it in the welcoming branches of her other half.

And the 37-year-old said her love has only grown since their wedding at Rimrose Valley Country Park in Sefton, Merseyside.

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She even signs her Christmas cards with “Winter Wishes, from Mr and Mrs Elder”.

The former teaching assistant admitted that she sometimes pays the tree up to five visits a week. She said: “It’s our third Christmas together, so it almost feels like tradition to get the decorations out for it.

“When I was putting them up, the tree was as attractive to me as ever
in the bright December sun.

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“I made the wreath from holly, ivy, pine and red winter berries which I foraged from a walk over the weekend.

“Plus, I added a little spray of festive glitter.”

Kate, from the nearby village of Melling, knew the elder tree was “the one” due to its earthly energy drawing her in.

She said she bonded with it on a much deeper level than anything else in the park.

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