Woman stunned after finding ‘penguin’ near her back garden in the snow

A woman was left floored when a 'penguin' appeared outsider her home following a large amount of snowfall.

Tracey Donnelly thought she was imagining things when she saw the beaky intruder on Tuesday morning.

A blanket of snow covered her Stockport garden into a winter wonderland and the magical scene was completed with the feathered visitor, writes Manchester Evening News.

The 56-year-old said: "I just woke up. I spotted it. I started looking at it for ages.

"It stood still for five or ten minutes. At one point I thought it's like a piece of wood.

"My daughter said 'it's beautiful out there'. I said 'I have a penguin '. She thought I was joking.

"Then I sent her a photo – she said 'oh my god'."

After making a cuppa, she planned to go out for a closer inspection.

But by the time she set foot in the garden after putting her wellies on, the visitor 'vanished'.

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The events manager took to Facebook to see if anyone had any thoughts on the species.

Many people believe it was a heron, a long-legged freshwater and coastal bird.

"But I refuse to believe them," she joked.

"Everybody needs cheering up. I said 'it's my new Happy Feet land'.

"I obviously know it wasn't a penguin. But I thought 'my god it looks like one'. I've seen a magic penguin.

"It's given everyone a laugh. Everybody in Stockport look out for it, it could come to you next."

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