Woman crowdfunding £4,000 for breast reduction is bombarded with creepy messages

A young woman who was refused NHS treatment for a breast reduction say she has been bombarded with "horrible" and "degrading" messages from sleazy men after launching an online fundraiser for the op.

Phoebe Rodgers, 24, says she created a GoFundMe page to raise £4,000 for the surgery after being told by her GP that she just needed to lose weight to reduce the size of her 34HH bust.

But many of the responses she’s had, she says, are from men who say they will only donate in exchange for topless photos.

Phoebe, from Spalding in Lincolnshire, said she’s been inundated with seedy requests.

"I get messages every day from guys saying 'your t**s are amazing' and it's so frustrating because I'm so much more than them," she says.

"The worst bit is when you get people messaging saying 'I'll donate to your GoFundMe page if you send me a picture of your t**s', it happens all the time."

She explained that a lot of the unwanted attention comes from her online dating profile: "On my dating profile, I share my Instagram, which is how blokes are finding out I want a reduction.

"A lot of people say I'm 'blessed' with my 34HH boobs," she adds.

"Especially a lot of my girlfriends who are on the smaller side.

"They always say 'oh god I wish I had your boobs, I wish my cleavage looked like that'.

"I'm always quite happy to talk to them about it because it's good to share my story and help people understand it's not always a good thing."

Phoebe said she started looking into getting a breast reduction when she was just 16 after a middle-aged man looked at her and made a sleazy comment about her boobs while she was out on a date with her boyfriend.

"As we were walking back to the car a guy looked at me and said to my boyfriend 'oh god you must be really happy, look at the size of those things'.

"He was a middle-aged fat bloke with a bald head wearing a vest.

"As soon as I got in the car I just burst into tears. No one could really understand why it got to me so much but I think it was just the tip of the iceberg.

"Getting comments like that from a total stranger made me realise I needed to do something about it."

Apart from the unwanted attention she gets, Phoebe’s boobs also cause her back pain, aching shoulders, breast pain, and skin rashes.

She had no luck with her GP and says even after losing over one and a half stone she still needs the operation.

Phoebe said: "I think people just need to move away from the idea that having big boobs is the best thing in the world.

"I've been thinking about getting surgery done for the best part of a decade and I just thought 'I've had enough'.

"My mum came home from work one day and mentioned she'd spoken to someone who had just had a breast reduction in Poland, and that's when we started taking it more seriously and looking at the cost."

But, she says, "no one just has £7,000 lying around," so she decided to try crowdfunding her operation.

"It's just got to that point where I want to start living my life and being happy."

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire CCG said: "We are unable to comment on individual patients but our policy is in line with the criteria for breast reduction to avoid operations that are unlikely to be effective."

NHS England and NHS Sheffield CCG have been contacted for comment.

So far, Phoebe's raised just over £500. You can donate to her page here.

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