Woman allegedly runs onto airport tarmac to stop plane she missed while at bar

A woman was arrested for running onto an airport tarmac after allegedly spending too much time at a bar and was late for her flight.

Vickie Meyers, 53, entered a secure area in a desperate bid to make a dash for her Spirit Airlines flight at the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, US, on Sunday, December 26.

In a video posted by fellow traveller Anthony, Vickie is seen being escorted to a flight of stairs right next to a plane.

Airport police officers follow behind her until she enters the terminal building.

She is then handcuffed and taken away to the interrogation room.

Anthony wrote in the comments: "My plane to Detroit was waiting to gate, but this lady tried to stop her missed St. Louis flight by running out on tarmac."

Other viewers noticed the passengers clapping for the woman's arrest as they watched and filmed.

One joked: "Chic shoes, ripped junior pants and a flannel scream too many mimosas before the flight."

A second wrote: "Who does that? And secondly, who does this then doesn't pull her mask up to maintain her own privacy?"

Meyers, from St. Louis, Missouri, was arrested for trespassing and was taken to Maricopa County Jail.

She was charged with first-degree criminal trespassing, a felony.

Bryan Jones, who saw the incident unfolded at the time, told local TV station KSAZ-TV: "She decided to go out the emergency exit doors onto the tarmac and start arguing with the ground crew why she should be let onto the plane still."

Phoenix Police confirmed the incident made "no impact to airport operations".

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