Windfall Brewing Co. now open in old Rock Bottom space, with 40+ arcade games

The space formerly inhabited by Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery in Westminster, which closed in 2020, has been given new life – as another brewery.

Shawn Murray and Abby Jeffers are co-owners of the new Windfall Brewing Co., a hybrid craft brewery, restaurant and arcade that opened on Dec. 13.

Their debut was supposed to be much sooner, Murray said. In early 2020, the couple was prepared to sign a lease on another building in Broomfield – and then the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted business as usual across the globe.

Since then, dozens of breweries, bars and restaurants in Colorado have shuttered. But Murray and Jeffers didn’t let the pandemic dash their plans.

“The pandemic really didn’t ever sit us down and say, ‘Should we do this?’ We’ve thought since the day we came up with this plan that this is something a lot of people want,” Murray said. “The pandemic has taught us a lot of things about this industry and shown us truthfully how to be better owners.”

Those lessons come after Murray spent more than a decade in the beer industry, having helped open a brewery in Wisconsin and then serving as general manager of the now-defunct Nighthawk Brewery in Broomfield. The last nights at Nighthawk are when Murray connected with regulars disappointed at the brewery’s demise, he said. Those conversations ultimately led to a windfall of support to open his own space, hence the name of the current business.

“So many people were amazed to find out I was the one who made improvements” at Nighthawk. “By the end of the night I had received over $100,000 in offers for investments,” Murray said.

When Windfall Brewing Co. took over Rock Bottom’s 9,000-square-foot space, it also inherited the brewing equipment that the company left behind after filing for bankruptcy. Murray and Jeffers increased the number of draft taps to 18 for house beers and sodas, and then filled the space with 23 pinball machines and 20 other arcade games, including machines that offer 60 old-school games on one console. Games cost between 25 cents and $2 to play.

Beer options run the gamut, from India pale ales to stouts to a cream ale, sour beers, Belgian styles and even a few seltzers. A 4.3% alcohol content table ale called Puppies is available for fans of lighter styles.

“Who doesn’t love puppies?” Murray said of the expected crowd pleaser.

Beverage options also include wine and cocktails. A house ginger beer will always be on draft so customers can order a “mule” with their choice of liquor. The food menu features pub dishes, such as bacon-wrapped jalapeños and beer-braised sausage, created in a scratch kitchen led by chef Kashia Tracey. Windfall Brewing Co. maintains a relationship with a local farmer who feeds his cattle the brewery’s spent grain and then in turn sells the brewery meat for its burgers. (See the full menu here.)

In addition to service onsite, Windfall Brewing Co. also sells beer and food to-go.

Windfall Brewing Co. is open every day from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. at 14694 Orchard Parkway, Suite 400 in Westminster.

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