Wild video shows jewellery store workers fight off smash-and-grab robbers

A shocking video shows three jewellery store employees throwing punches to fend off a group of masked robbers who walked in the shop and attempted to steal the valuable gems.

The group of four smash-and-grab suspects walked into Princess Bride Diamond store in the city of Huntington Beach in California on Sunday night (May 22).

They entered the shop as one of them pulled out a hammer and hit the display cabinet at the front.

But the group had no idea what was coming for them when they tried to grab the diamonds.

CCTV video shows employee Dallas Baca rushing to the front door and quickly swinging strong punches at the would-be robbers.

He told NBC4: "I saw a bunch of dudes with hoods on coming in, I ran to the front of the store trying to help out.

"At some point while I was fighting them, one of them actually hit me in the head with a hammer, on the side of my left temple, but I didn’t even register it until after they left because there was so much like adrenaline going on."

His sister, Sarah, grabs a stool and hurls it over to the group, hitting two men on their back while another employee joins to kick them out of the shop.

The group leave the shop empty-handed while the siblings called the police.

Dallas said his family has been in the jewellery business since 2006 but it's the first attempted robbery he personally experienced.

Sarah added: "I'm just glad everyone is okay. I'm glad that our team banded together and we were able to put up a fight and stop what was happening."

Huntington Beach Police Department were dispatched to the Bella Terra shopping centre and conducted an investigation on the smash-and-grab robbery.

Authorities said the search for the four suspects continues.

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