Which nations pledged to the global Covid-19 fundraising meeting?

BRUSSELS (REUTERS) – A pledging summit on Saturday raised 6.15 billion euros (S$9.6 billion) to tackle Covid-19. The event was part of a joint initiative by the European Commission and the advocacy group Global Citizen and included a star-studded globally televised and streamed concert.

Pledges by the following countries:

Belgium – 11.5 million euros to the World Food Programme, 4 million euros to the WHO’s Covid-19 solidarity response fund

Canada – C$120 million for the ACT Accelerator, C$180 million for Covid-19 humanitarian and development aid

Denmark – DKK16 million to the United Nations Population Fund Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) – US$25 million towards West Africa’s Covid-19 relief and development European Commission jointly with European Investment Bank – 4.9 billion euros to help countries recover from the pandemic

Germany – 383 million euros to support the Global Fund’s response mechanism and Global Citizen’s crisis network

Luxembourg – 800,000 euros to the Covid-19 Therapeutics Accelerator

Netherlands – 25 million euros for procurement of a vaccine for countries needing it the most

Norway – US$10 million to vaccine alliance GAVI Qatar – US$10 million to the WHO

Serbia – 100,000 euros to vaccine alliance CEPI for vaccine research

Spain – 10 million euros to the Coronavirus Global Response initiative

Sweden – 46 million euros to the WHO Solidarity Response Fund

Switzerland – 20 million euros to ensure equal access to a vaccine and testing

United States – US$545 million for COVID-19 relief

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