Weekend weather: More than 1000 lightning strikes recorded in two hours

More than 1000 lightning strikes have been recorded in two hours, as parts of the country brace for a deluge of heavy rain and stormy weather this weekend.

MetService said up to 1233 lightning strikes were recorded around the country in a span of 120 minutes.

The weather authority shared an image of its rain and lightning radar showing the data of the past two hours up to 11.15am.

It comes as parts of the South Island, in particular, are forecast to get a deluge of heavy rain and stormy conditions.

Canterbury is set to get the full brunt of the weather system.

MetService has issued a rare red warning for heavy rain for Canterbury south of Amberly. That warning will be valid from 3pm until Monday.

Those in Christchurch are being told warned that the deluge is expected to reach dangerous levels and has the potential to cause heavy flooding and slips that may make some roads impassable.

Depending on any damage caused, some communities may also become isolated for some time.

Those in Auckland are also warned of gloomy weather conditions over the next few hours.

“A combination of king tides and strong north-westerlies bring possible coastal inundation to Auckland this weekend,” MetService said.

Tides could reach up to 4.0m causing inundation around low-lying coastal places.

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