Weather maps show exact moment first snowfall of February will cover Britain

The Met Office has predicted that February will be subject to unsettled weather conditions including wind and rain.

Weather maps from interactive weather model WXCHARTS illustrate the possibility of wintry showers occurring as soon as we enter the month of February.

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, spoke of the potential of the cold period lasting up to a week.

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According to weather maps, the four nations of the UK are not immune to further snowfall with it reaching almost every one of them with Scotland the most affected and Manchester suffering up to four inches of snowfall.

Mr Dale said: "It’s one massive retracement, the colder air is being shoved north. It is an obvious somersault but will have to wait another 24 hours or so before it can be called."

NetWeather's long-range forecast from January 30 to February 5 states that snow is to be expected with Scotland taking the brunt of that action.

The forecast says: "North-westerly winds will dominate early in the week with high pressure close to the south-west of Britain and low pressure over Scandinavia.

"Some rain belts will move from north-west to south-east through the country, heavy and persistent in western Scotland, but tending to turn light and patchy as they move south and east through the rest of the UK."

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In the Met Office's long-range forecast from January 29 to February 7, it says: "On Sunday, cloud across the northwest could bring periods of rain and drizzle, especially for western Scotland.

"Elsewhere, central and eastern parts could see some brighter spells, particularly in the lee of higher ground. Temperatures mild in the north, but around average in the south.

"Into next week, frontal systems approaching from the northwest could bring some periods of heavier rainfall or showers, this weakening as the fronts move southwards."


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