Watch: Police hunt down polite bag snatchers in Auckland’s Mt Eden

One Aucklander has been reunited with her handbag after she was confronted by a polite bag snatcher.

The woman pulled into a driveway when an unknown man parked behind her in a van and another jumped out and then snatched her handbag straight off her lap. The snatcher even had the “audacity to say thank you” before driving away.

The incident occurred in a shared driveway in the central suburb of Mt Eden.

In a post to the North Shore, Rodney & West Auckland Police Facebook page, police state the incident occurred on the morning of April 22.

After quickly calling the police, the woman and her partner took it upon themselves to chase down the thieves.

Police say the alleged “main offender” was quickly found whereas the other offender set off on foot, leaving the scene.

Police helicopter footage shows two police officers arresting a man in a white T-shirt.

After searching, the Eagle helicopter was then able to locate the second alleged offender.

The helicopter footage then shows two men walking down New North Rd heading towards Rocket Park before they are apprehended by police officers.

Fortunately, all stolen items were returned to their rightful owners.

The two men, aged 23 and 36, were arrested and charged in relation to theft and aggravated assault matters.

Facebook users were full of praise for police.

“Nice work guys,” one user wrote.

“Awesome work,” another commented.

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