‘Vile’ squatters leave ‘poo’ on floor and damage walls after taking over home

Squatters who reportedly took over a home have been called "vile" for 'destroying the building' and leaving "human faeces" in one of the rooms by the owner.

Lottie Watts, who owns a house on Bristol's High Street, claims squatters damaged her property, left food and litter "all over" and wrote on the walls.

Avon and Somerset Police secured a closure order on three properties last week following "escalating criminality and antisocial behaviour" after squatters occupied them.

Ms Watts, who raised concerns about the damage being caused, has spoken out about what she found, writes BristolLive.

She claimed: "They left human faeces in one of the rooms, food all over the place, destroyed the building and left threatening and appalling language on the walls.

"They pretend to be a civilised community but they are vile people who are out of control and have caused a lot of harm and disruption to many people."

She also alleged the graffiti scribbled on the walls included threats they would return to the home.

Photographs of the damage show rubbish covering the floors of the house, with litter all down the stairwell and a pile at the bottom so large, the floor is unable to be seen.

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In one room, part of the plasterboard of the wall has been removed with the bare wood and insulation peeking through.

But Ms Watts said they'll be implementing security measures to "batten down the hatches" after the incident.

She added how they are "forced" to amp up security "is quite frankly ridiculous in a society that is supposed to be civil."

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She branded the actions as "despicable" of how people treat other strangers in a post-Covid world.

Ms Watts claimed she attempted to negotiate with the squatters to get them to leave before the closure order, but they demanded £5,000 to leave.

"We agreed their request and then they ran us around in circles for a week before saying that they never intended to accept the money," she continued.

"We tried to work with these people and they just mocked us.

"To then leave the building in this disgusting state is appalling."

The homeowner praised the police for their support.

BristolLive approached a representative for the squatters for comment.

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