Vile Chinese takeaway photos shared by inspectors puts the grim in Grimsby

A Chinese takeaway has been shamed for “putting the Grim in Grimsby” following the release of some truly horrifying images by health inspectors.

Rat droppings, urine, meat defrosting in dirty bowls and filthy surfaces are all among the horror finds made by the routine inspection.

China House takeaway in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, was found by the inspection to be seriously lacking with sauce boxes and spices gnawed at by vermin and mould and grime layering work surfaces.

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Filthy containers, cooking utensils and tea towels were also picked up in the check.

Overfilled fridges saw food left out, while ready-to-eat ingredients shared a chopping board with raw meat.

The inspectors from North East Lincolnshire Council said public health was at “imminent risk” as they closed the restaurant down for the second time in four years.

Reacting to the image on Facebook, user Andy Webber said: “Yikes, this place puts the Grim in Grimsby! Come for the Chow Mein, stay for the dysentery!”

A second user, Oliver Roe, added: “Surprised the rats didn’t have second thoughts about eating there.

“You’d be better off licking a bog seat at Grimsby bus station than eating owt from there!”

China House was forced to shut down in 2018 for six days after a complaint led to the discovery of rainwater having a direct flow into the food prep zone.

At Grimsby Magistrates’ Court on July 15, owner Wen Yi Cao, 50, of Grimsby admitted to 13 severe food hygiene offences.

Yi Cao was fined £358 as well as having to pay £850 in court costs as well as a victim surcharge of £36.

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He was also found to have failed to train staff in hygiene matters and didn’t make efforts to control food temperatures or do what was necessary to manage pests.

He was told by the court that his business was “unsafe in that it was unfit for human consumption.”

The justices heard that China House “failed at all stages of production, processing and distribution to protect food against any contamination likely to render the food unfit for human consumption.”

The restaurant was initially closed due to the health risk but is since understood to have reopened and to have received a three-star food hygiene rating from council officers when it was re-inspected in January this year.

Councillor Ron Shepherd, portfolio holder for safer and stronger communities, said: “I am pleased appropriate action has been taken and he has been brought before the courts.

“The number of food hygiene offences is alarming. Businesses operating in such a poor manner will not be tolerated.

“Our environmental health officers work hard to ensure the public’s safety and also give food business operators the direction and information they need to comply with food safety legislation.

“We need to protect consumers from businesses that put people’s health at risk.”

China House refused to comment.


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