Vegan activist storms Louis Vuitton store in pants dripping with period blood

A notorious animal rights activist stormed a designer Louis Vuitton store dripping in her own period blood and wearing nothing but her underwear.

Infamous Tash Peterson carried a sign during the protest that read: "I would rather be naked than wear someone else’s skin."

But the 27-year-old vegan had her sign ripped in half as she walked around the shop a few times and went back out.

The stunt was Tash’s first back in Western Australia after she relocated to Melbourne following a banning order stopping her from entering licensed restaurants in the area, reports the Daily Mail.

"If you’re not vegan, you’re an animal abuser," she told bemused shoppers.

"Louis Vuitton is responsible for the murder of cows, sheep, goats, foxes, minks, ducks, and geese.

"They have blood on their hands, and so do you if you’re not vegan."

As workers attempted to push Tash out the door, some baffled customers laughed whilst one person yelled: "Kill yourself."

The activist has amassed a huge following of dedicated fans online for her animal protests.

Previously, the nutter brought a dead lamb into a packed supermarket whilst dressed as an abattoir worker covered in blood.

She claimed: "This beautiful little sweet baby was found frozen to death here in Victoria."

Tash shot to animal activism fame in 2019 after she dressed up as a blood-soaked meat worker and held a fake dead chicken under her arm.

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Last year, she was snapped storming aMcDonald's restaurant in a blood-coloured outfit as part of a bizarre protest.

She held a rubber pig's head and played audio clips of animal screams by the entrance of the store.

Footage showed the masked activist, dressed in blood-stained white-coloured top and trousers, holding up a placard by the counters inside the restaurant while shocked customers watched on.

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And in March this year, she accused bemused diners at a seafood restaurant of playing a part in a "fish holocaust".

Her latest stunt divided social media users, with some agreeing with Tash's cause and others slamming her for the methods of protest.

One person teased: "Go Tash. You make it so obvious just how crazy the animal rights movement is."

Whilst another added: "The arrogance and attitude of this nutter is such a waste of people's own free time".

But a fan said: "Thank you for spreading awareness.

"Luxury, leather, and fur items are creating so much suffering, pain, environmental destruction, and even social issues.

"This message was so important."

The Daily Mail has approached the store for a comment.

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