US truckers on way to DC claim there is NO war happening in Ukraine – ‘Brain damage!’

Ukraine: Mariupol 'has been encircled by troops' says Mayor

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Channel 5 news spoke to some US truckers heading for DC, where some believe a conspiracy that the conflict is not even happening. Some even praised the actions of Putin and stated the Russian President is doing the “right thing”.

One trucker, donning a Trump t-shirt, told a reporter: “He is not an evil man.”

While another stated: “They can easily fake a war if they wanted to. All they could do is film a few things.”

Meanwhile, another even claimed all of the footage from the deadly conflict in Ukraine is sourced from prior wars.

Many viewers took to social media to vent their frustrations at the ridiculous statements.

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One Instagram user, drake.s.f, commented: “Didn’t know the carnival was in town!”

While another, emu.rock, added: “These people stop at nothing to give themselves irreparable brain damage.”

A third, luvhoepless, wrote: “Ofc this man has a Trump shirt on.”

While jackcurran6 noted: “Its like someone drilled all their heads open and shoved an immersion blender in there.”

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Instagram user homelesscop wrote: “It’s hard to imagine being this wrong.”

Another user, dpazcatraz, commented: “American education system takes another L.”

User, saltydog, warned: “This isn’t even entertaining, it’s just scary.”

Russian troops have been moving towards Ukrain’s capital of Kyiv from the north, however, their progress has reportedly slowed in recent days.

On Thursday, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) revealed the 40 mile convoy of Russian military vehicles headed for Kyiv had been halted by “staunch Ukrainian resistance, mechanical breakdown and congestion”.

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Despite this, the capital has faced multiple devastating attacks from the air and several loud explosions were heard in the early hours of the morning.

Russian forces arrived near Obolon on the outskirts of Kyiv on Friday and clashes in north-western Kyiv were reported at the weekend.

But so far Russian tanks and armoured vehicles have not been seen in the capital.

UNHCR revealed about 660,000 refugees have left Ukraine following Putin’s attack on their home, and another one million have been internally displaced.

This equals to about four percent of the total population.

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