Upset pervs say best ladies have left Amsterdams red light district anyway

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    Amsterdam's campaign to deter rowdy Brits from visiting the city may have been unnecessary – with a string of online reviews suggesting tourists have been underwhelmed by recent trips to the Dutch capital's red light district.

    The city’s new campaign is called “Stay Away”, which shows people special warnings when searching online for terms such as “pub crawl Amsterdam” and “Stag Party Amsterdam” and is specifically targeted at 18-35 year-olds from the UK.

    Amsterdam’s City Council said: “The campaign will commence in Great Britain, aimed at males in the age category of 18 to 35 years.

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    “This online discouragement campaign is aimed at nuisance tourists who want to visit Amsterdam to "go wild", with all the ensuing consequences.”

    However, a number of Tripadvisor reviews over the last 12 months paint a picture of tourists having had enough of “second rate” prostitutes and “scam artists”.

    One disappointed Brit, in a review titled “The best ladies have gone”, wrote: “The old walls part which was the most historic is now almost closed and turned into shops.

    “What is left are some second raters that now ask 100e.

    “The mayor of Amsterdam is trying to close the whole lot down including the brown cafes and is succeeding.

    “The cyclists are determined to injure you and totally ignore pedestrian crossings, you need eyes in your backside. Once good Schiphol Airport is in chaos. I wouldn’t bother.”

    Another visitor suggested that the once thriving area in central Amsterdam was “underwhelming”.

    They wrote: “We saw ONE lady dancing in a window…ONE ! I wasn't in the market to use the services offered LOL.

    “But was just window shopping and was disappointed as best.”

    Others warned of being scammed by the city's prostitutes, who famously line up in a series of red windows.

    One frustrated punter wrote: “If you are looking to visit RLD – it’s fine to look around , have a drink , roam around the place and leave.

    “Don’t ever fall for the trap of the prostitute they scam everyone, they will try to lure you and scam you for hundreds of Dollars , it will start with 100 and then continue.”

    Another added: “If you are thinking about doing business with ladies there I wouldn't… They change the terms of your deal after taking money, constantly clucking to go faster, terrible prices, listened to a window of someone else and the girl was just saying she didn't want to do any position!

    “They hate their job and will let you know it…”

    A third said their experiences while trying to get laid had ruined their trip.

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    “Was a downright horrible experience,” they wrote. “Got ripped off and half of them didn’t look into it at all. Ruined my opinion on Amsterdam…”

    A fourth warned: “Of course you want to see for yourself despite of what people tell.

    “I even went farther and actually got a lady. I had to look very hard as most of them aren’t good looking.

    “When I finally decided, it cost €100 for 20 min. I agreed as I was really curious.

    “The lady was Romanian.. brought me up to her small room.

    “Then she said the 100 was only for her touching me a bit, but not included any kind of sex. Of course she tried to get more money (€500 an hr), but I just left.

    “All in all it was like a human zoo. Women don’t give good service despite of the highest cost.”


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