Uni lads expelled after masturbation celebration at women’s volleyball game

Six male medical students have been expelled from a university after a video of them all masturbating at a women's volleyball game went viral.

A group of men from the futsal team at Santo Amaro University in São Paulo, Brazil, could be seen watching an away match against São Camilo University. All of them had their trousers around their ankles during the game.

When their university's team won, the rowdy group then stormed onto the court and started touching their genitals in what appeared to be a bizarre group sex act, to the horror of spectators. A video of the incident went viral over the weekend, but São Camilo University confirmed the sick event took place back in April.

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Santo Amaro University, also known as Unisa, confirmed the expulsion of the six students in connection with the incident this week, although they were not named. In a statement, the school said: "Unisa, an institution with more than 55 years of history, vehemently repudiates this type of behaviour, completely antagonistic to its history and values."

Meanwhile Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was asked about the horror clip prior to a UN meeting in New York. He said of the incident: "A disgusting, unacceptable episode, the behaviour of young people who are at the university, who intend to be doctors and take care of people.

"I vehemently repudiate what happened. It is unacceptable for future doctors to act with such disrespect for women and civility."

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The Brazilian Ministry of Women also spoke out about the vile video and called for law enforcement to do something about the incident. In a statement, the organisation said: "Breaking centuries of a misogynistic culture is a constant task that requires a careful look at all types of gender-based violence.

"Attitudes like that of medical students at Unisa can never be normalized – they must be combatted with the rigour of the law."

São Paulo Civil Police confirmed they were investigating the incident.

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