UKs richest gipsy Alfie Best dubious as son became Muslim to dodge hangovers

The “richest gypsy in the UK" was “dubious” when his son converted to Islam to become a “better man”.

Alfie Best Snr and his son Alfie Best Jnr appeared on the Anything Goes podcast with James English to update fans about the latest goings on with the remarkable duo.

Their rags-to-riches story has inspired many, with the ambitious pair still hellbent on moving forward and getting ahead in life.

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Alfie Jnr has now become a Muslim, despite his dad identifying as “not a religious person”.

Alfie Snr said: “Was I dubious at first? Of course. Of course.”

But despite his earlier hesitancies, Alfie Snr has complemented his lad for the “courageous” decision he made.

Alfie Jnr, meanwhile, reckons the “path of righteousness” is helping him move forward in life.

Alfie Snr said that the “only thing” he was concerned about “was not the religion… but how did he take that journey to get there?”

He added: “If that’s his journey I’m proud of him for taking it. It shows you how much strength he has, as a traveller and going out there and going ‘I think this can benefit me as a person.’

“That takes a lot of courage and a lot of strength."

Alfie Jnr converted to the religion: “Because I believe it is the path of righteousness and it’s helped me up until this day and it’s going to help me further forward.

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“The Koran is about your intentions that make you a better person – like not drinking alcohol for example, that’s brilliant.”

He continued: “Going down the drinking route, that’s not the way forward. That puts you back weeks at a time.

“Over the course of a year, you’ve done two or three months in hangovers – complete waste of time.”

This wasn’t the only reason behind him making the switch, however, with a sense of things just feeling right falling over Alfie Jnr when he visited a mosque.

“It got introduced to me, I walked into a mosque, I felt something I’ve never felt anywhere else and I thought ‘this is for me.’

“I recited it, I read the koran and I thought 'I’m very compatible with that.'"

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