UKs most haunted pub plagued by child ghost that scratches unwitting boozers

A historic pub in Nottingham has been named one of the UK's most haunted sites for supernatural goings-on involving the ghosts of former landlords, a young girl known as Rosie and even a highway man.

Ye Olde Salutation Inn, one of the city's oldest pubs, was built over a network of caves dating back to the 9th century.

One of the most infamous spirits at the pub is Rosie, a young flower seller.

Local legend says she was accidentally struck by a carriage in the courtyard when she was four or five years old.

After the tragic accident, she was carried down to the cave network to keep her comfortable until the doctor arrived but the young girl died before he could get there.

Not long after, customers at the pub started to complain they were being scratched.

They all had four small scratch marks, as though they had been scratched by a child, Nottingham Live reports.

This sadly continued over a two-week period until the pub's landlord took a doll down to the cave and left it there for Rosie.

The scratching stopped and since then, customers and staff have continued to bring dolls and teddy bears down to the cave as presents for Rosie.

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Landlord Jason Wetson claims he has had a number of ghostly encounters over the years.

He said: "One former landlord didn’t believe in ghosts and took all the dolls and teddies out of the cave. All his beer went off overnight. Since then nobody, myself included, has dared to risk it again."

As well as Rosie, there are also ghostly tales of former landlords, all called John, who are believed to haunt the pub to this day.

One of the landlords is said to have accidentally poisoned himself and his family, one hung himself upstairs and one fell down the cellar steps.

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Of the latter, Jason said: "John is fastidious about the cleanliness of the cellar. If it’s not absolutely spotless he slams doors and throws things. My first encounter with him was when I first moved to the pub.

"The cellar needed a really good clean, so I’d spent about 18 hours down there sorting it out. I popped upstairs briefly and when I returned there was a really old half pint glass of beer in the middle of the floor. I’m absolutely 100% sure that nobody else had been down there!

"I get on pretty well with John now. I’ve even forgotten to close the cellar door on my way back up into the pub before now and jokingly shouted back ‘close the door for me John’ and it has slammed shut."

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