Ukraine reveal Russian soldiers wanted in connection with Bucha massacre crimes

Ten Russian soldiers accused of taking part in the Bucha massacre have been pictured by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, describing them as the "despicable ten".

The Ministry claims that they are part of the 64th brigade, which was honoured by Vladimir Putin for the part it played in Bucha.

After Russian troops pulled out of Bucha more than 410 corpses were discovered of civilians, many of them with their hands tied and executed with a bullet to the head.

Torture chambers, where men were brutally beaten before being killed, were also discovered, along with the bodies of women and children.

The remains have been removed from the town and are being examined by forensic experts preparing to present evidence in future war crimes trials.

"The despicable 10," the Ministry of Defence tweeted this afternoon.

"Ten Russian butchers from the 64th brigade have been identified and named suspects responsible for committing Bucha Massacre.

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"This unit had been awarded for its atrocities, and returned to the battlefield. Justice for war criminals is inevitable."

Earlier this month, Putin awarded an honorary title to the brigade widely thought to be responsible for war crimes and mass killings in Ukraine.

Citing “mass heroism and valour” but making no mention of Russia's war in Ukraine, Putin signed a decree honouring the 64th Motorised Infantry Brigade.

He did so as a mass funeral for those slaughtered in the Kyiv Oblast town was held by Andrii Holovine, priest of the Church of St. Andrew Pervozvannoho.

He had previously said the bodies had been moved to a burial site out of town after reports that the rotten corpses were being feasted upon by dogs in apocalyptic scenes.

Last week the Government announced new sanctions against Putin's "war leaders", as the Foreign Secretary vowed to crack down on those with "Ukrainian blood on their hands".

The move will target those "commanding the front line" to commit "heinous" acts in Ukraine, according to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

The UK is also taking action against individuals outside Putin's military, who are "actively supporting his illegal invasion".

Meanwhile, the Department for International Trade said the Government has banned imports of caviar and other high-end products from Russia.

The import ban is being extended to cover silver and wood products while tariffs on imports of diamonds and rubber from Russia and Belarus are being increased by 35 percentage points.

The "key leaders in Russia's army" targeted as part of the new wave of sanctions include Lt Colonel Azatbek Omurbekov, a commanding officer with involvement in the Bucha massacre, the FCDO said.

Also sanctioned by the UK are Colonel General Andrey Serdyukov, commander of airborne forces; Major General Valery Flyustikov, commander of special operations forces; and Colonel General Nikolay Bogdanovsky, first deputy chief of the general staff.

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Foreign Secretary Liz Truss tweeted: "Today I announce new sanctions on those with Ukrainian blood on their hands including the commander of the unit which occupied Bucha and other individuals and businesses supporting Putin's military.

"We are relentless in support of Ukraine."

The Foreign Secretary accused Russia of deliberately going after civilian targets as she condemned the invasion.

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