Ukraine horror as one Brit confirmed dead and another missing in action

Ukraine: 'Rhetoric intensifying' as Putin prepares Russians

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The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) did not provide any details on what the nationals had been doing in Ukraine. An FCDO spokesperson said: “We can confirm that a British national has been killed in Ukraine and are supporting their family.” Commenting on the second British national, the spokesperson said: “We are aware of a British national who is missing in Ukraine and are supporting their family.

“We are urgently seeking further information.”

No further details have been provided on when the British national was killed and when the other went missing.

Sky News has reported the pair may have been volunteers fighting against Russian forces, but this has not been confirmed.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, several foreigners – including British veterans – have chosen to travel to the under-fire country to join the fight against Vladimir Putin’s forces.

Ukraine’s Government has asked for volunteers from across the world to help support its armed forces.

The advice from the UK Government has continued to be that people should not travel to Ukraine to fight.

But scores of people have bravely decided to join the fight with Ukraine regardless.

Earlier today, Ben Wallace backed Foreign Secretary Liz Truss’s view that Russian forces must be pushed out of “the whole of Ukraine”.

When asked if the UK would help Ukraine win back its territory, the Defence Secretary told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We’re prepared to help Ukraine stand by its sovereignty and defend itself however long that may take.

“There is no difference in the position of the United Kingdom since 2014, which is when Ukraine as a sovereign nation was invaded both in Crimea… and Donetsk.

“That needs to stop, that needs to be reversed.

Mr Wallace added: “We were doing it supporting the diplomatic efforts through the Minsk agreement right up until Putin decided to use military force to invade.

“How we would then resort to that overall aim, if Russia decides to try and consolidate or pull back, that is obviously a matter for the Ukrainians and we would support them in both diplomatic efforts or in military efforts if they chose to do so.”

When asked in a separate interview whether Britain would support Ukrainians as they push into Crimea, the Defence Secretary told Sky News: “There’s a long way to go before Ukraine pushes into Crimea.

“I think what I would certainly say is, we are supporting Ukraine’s sovereign integrity. We’ve done that all along. That of course includes Crimea.

“But you know, first and foremost, let’s get Russia out of where they are now in its invasion plans and help Ukraine resolve and actually remember the Minsk agreement, which Russia has basically ripped up, was all about trying to resolve those two occupied territories.

“The key thing is to continue to support Ukraine’s sovereign integrity and their ability to defend themselves”.


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