UK weather map: Arctic blast to bring ‘big drop’ in temperatures after heatwave scorcher

UK long-range weather forecasts have shown a continuance of stunning conditions countrywide, with sky-high temperatures for several days this month. The second May bank holiday saw highs of 28C, the hottest of the year so far, but the latest figures show this won’t last much longer.

The latest crop of sunshine in the UK came off the back of an area of high pressure, which drifted over the country from Europe this month.

The low pressure brought clear skies and high temperatures, but weather forecasters now expect the opposite will happen at the beginning of June.

According to Derek Brockway, senior meteorologist for the BBC, the country may expect more “unsettled” weather next month.

However, the next few days will remain “fine and warm” until then.


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Speaking via Twitter, Mr Brockway said: “June will start fine and warm but a change on the way!

“High pressure over Scandinavia will be replaced by low pressure later next week.

“Arctic winds will bring a big drop in temperature!

“Turning more unsettled with a few showers but no sign yet of significant rain in Wales.”

According to the Met Office, as the temperatures drop, some of the recent sunshine will start to shy away.

In their latest long-range forecast, they concurred with Mr Brockway, before warning of an “increasing chance” of rain.

From Tuesday, June 2 to Thursday, June 11, meteorologists indicated a shift in the weather primarily for the north.

The forecast reads: “The start of June will see a continuation of the current settled weather with most places staying dry and sunny.”

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“However, there is an increasing chance of seeing some rain or showers at times, especially across northern and western parts.

“It will be very warm initially but temperatures are likely to begin to return to normal towards the middle of the period.

“Towards the end of the period, there may be a shift to more changeable conditions, with an increased chance of showers or longer spells of rain across all parts.

“The showers or spells of rain are likely to be most frequent across the northwest and possibly accompanied by strong winds.”

“Any wetter periods are likely to be interspersed with some drier and brighter weather.”

Until then, temperatures may spike once more in the UK, likely reaching 2020 maximums once again.

Marco Petagna of the Met Office told the Daily Mail the country could bask in highs of 27C to 28C “from Friday onwards”.

The country has also entered its driest may in 124 years this month, as sun-baked ground eagerly awaits a smattering of rain.

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