UK to see glimpses of snow next week as temperature plummets to -1C

The UK could see snow fall in just a matter of days, according to new interactive maps.

Parts of Scotland are most likely to experience the wintery showers but a cold front will see temperatures drop right across Britain.

September might seem a little early for snow but Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, has declared that it is not that unusual north of the Scottish border, particularly in the Scottish Highlands.

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He told the Daily Express: "It’s the start of all things. Across mountain tops, it is increasingly usual as October unwinds."

WX Charts, an interactive weather model, predicts parts of Scotland will see small, isolated, snow showers with under 1cm laying, near Fort William on Monday (September 26) by midday.

Those escaping the coldest wrath will endure heavy rain instead.

It only shows a very lightly coloured patch, indicative of minimal snowfall, potentially gracing the vicinity of Ben Nevis, the highest peak in Britain, stretching north to Inverness.

In the Scottish Highlands, light snowfall is also predicted to lay east of Portree, in the north west, and further south between Ayr and Kilmarnock.

Then, on Tuesday (September 27), slightly deeper snow will settle again on the Scottish Highlands at Portree and at Fort William by 6am.

This will however dissipate by the evening, leaving barely anything in trace.

But this does not mean temperatures will immediately recover in these areas, with highs of 4C in central Scotland on Monday and the mercury struggling to get above freezing the following day.

Much of Scotland will see highs of a measly 2C by the middle of the day on Tuesday and the picture will be similar across the rest of the UK, albeit slightly warmer.

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The mercury will drop to these chilly lows across the north of the country, with places like Liverpool waking up to just above freezing temperatures on Tuesday morning.

But the cold weather will also hit the south of Britain too bringing thermometers crashing down to 7C in Essex, Kent and Cambridgeshire.

Despite next week's two-day snow period being forecast, it's not the first of the season.

Patches of snow have been reported on the Scottish mountains Ben Macdui and Braeriach in the eastern highlands earlier this week.

For much of the UK, next week looks to be a tale of two halves – with briskly cold weather being replaced by warmer conditions by the end of the week.

WX Charts maps show the mercury almost recovering back to highs of 15C in the south of England.


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