UK snow warning: Freezing -8C chill to blast Britain with snow TODAY – latest maps

A fierce -8C wind chill will pierce parts of Scotland, including Inverness today. This will lead to a couple of inches of snow falling in northern Scotland, according to WX Charts.

Cold air will sweep down to northern areas such as Liverpool and Cumbria, with temperatures reaching lows of -4C.

Netweather forecaster Nick Finnis said: “Colder air will spread south across Scotland through the morning behind a cold front clearing south.

“With showers continuing through the day across the north and west while turning increasingly wintry, falling as snow even to lower levels across the north, hail and thunder possible too.

“Remaining windy too with gales across the north, damaging gusts across Shetland – with a yellow wind warning for gusts of 65-75 mph. 

Highs this afternoon reaching only 5C at best across Stornoway, Inverness and Aberdeen – 8C in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

“Quite a bit of cloud spilling south overnight across England and Wales means it’s a generally dull and frost-free this morning.

 “Though still a chilly start towards the east where there are areas of clearer skies and so across East Anglia temperatures have fallen close to freezing in a few spots allowing a slight frost. 

“Across Scotland it’s a windier picture as well as generally cloudy, with gales across the north, along with scattered showers across the north and west, merging into longer spells across the far north and turning increasingly wintry here as colder arctic air digs in here.”

However, for the rest of Britain this weekend looks to be warm, with a temperature higher than the average for this year.

Good news for the millions who are currently staying home as part of the lockdown.

Many will be able to enjoy the nice weather as they go outside for daily exercise, or sit in their garden.

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Temperatures are even reported to be warmer than Greece.

The Met Office is predicting temperatures “trending above average by the end of the month” in the southern half of the UK.

The forecast added: “More dominant settled conditions may begin to develop as we head towards the end of April.

“This dry and fine weather has the potential to gradually push northwestwards across much of the UK.”

For today the UK is set to experience cloud and sunny spells in the north and east. 

While rain showers are expected in the western, central and northern parts.

Snow showers are expected in the far north.

However, Saturday to Monday will be dry, warm and slightly windy at times.

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