UK snow maps show exact date 3ins to be dumped on Britain as bruta…

UK weather: Met Office forecasts cold temperatures

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The latest UK weather maps show the exact date 8cm of snow will smother some of the country just hours after a brutal -8C Arctic deep freeze hits. The Met Office had said a Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) event has taken place, which could trigger bitterly cold weather similar to that seen with the infamous ‘Beast from the East’ in February 2018.

Now the latest weather forecasts show millions of Britons will be bracing for a bitterly cold period in mid-March – just days before the start of Spring.

The latest weather maps from WXCHARTS forecasts snow sweeping into the UK as soon as this Sunday, with large parts of Scotland, eastern regions of England and Wales under threat.

Scotland is likely to receive dustings until the middle of next week before the whole of the weather map shows nearly all of the UK could be under threat from snowfall on Wednesday (March 8).

This shows up to 2cm is forecast to cover Scotland, with up to 2cm falling in northern regions of England. This heavy threat of snow for parts of Britain continues before significantly ramping up on March 11.

One UK weather map turns icy white in Scotland, with up to 8cm falling in a region in the west, with 5cm falling in central and southern areas of the country.

Over the next 24 hours, this heavy snow rapidly spreads southwards into England and by 6am on March 12, northern Wales could be hit by 7cm of snow, with 5cm falling in north west England.

The persistent snow threat continues into the following week, with almost all of the UK at risk from at least a dusting.

This heavy snow will come with a brutal blast from the Arctic that could send temperatures plunging to well below freezing in many parts of the UK.

Nearly all of the UK weather map turns icy blue next week, with lows of -7C in Scotland on Wednesday and -4C in northern England, while the remainder of the UK could struggle to get above freezing.

But this dark blue weather map shift only intensifies on the morning of next Thursday (March 9), with bone-chilling lows of -8C showing in a region of South West England, and just a couple of degrees lower in surrounding areas.

Temperatures could also plunge to as low as -3C in northwest England and the Midlands, and slightly lower to -2C in London.

This freezing cold snap continues for the following two days, with lows of -7C in Scotland on March 10 and -6C in northern England 24 hours later.

Brian Gaze from The Weather Outlook warned an “Arctic purge” is likely to smash into the UK this weekend which will lead to an increased risk of snow showers.

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He said there is a likely possibility of cold air covering the UK early next week that could potentially trigger a “battleground scenario and disruptive snowfall”.

Mr Gaze told “An Arctic plunge is expected to start sweeping southwards across the UK this weekend. Initially, it leads to an increased risk of snow showers in northeastern Britain.

“Computer models are showing the likelihood of cold air covering the UK early next week and the possibility of areas of low pressure starting to push up from the southwest.

“If the mild and moist air associated with the low pressure areas bumps into the cold air over the UK it could lead to a battleground scenario and disruptive snowfall.

“However, the area of snow would be quite small so trying to pinpoint where it would hit at this range isn’t possible but on balance, it is more likely to be in the northern half of the UK.”

For the period March 5-14, the Met Office said on Sunday, there will be a mix of sun and scattered showers in the north and east, “turning particularly wintry over northern hills and in the far northeast at times, and perhaps becoming more frequent in the north later”.

The forecaster added: “For the rest of the period, settled conditions are most likely across the country, with some wintry showers and snow in the north and east at times.

“There is an increasing chance of it turning more unsettled later with spells of rain or snow becoming more likely. Temperatures overall will be below average, but gradually trend up through the period.”

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