UK snow forecast: November winter HELL as -6C weather front hits – 10cm of snow on way

UK weather: Charts show high probability of snow in UK

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Such is the bitter band of cold weather expected to hit the country, forecasters have predicted temperatures could fall to -6C (21F) in areas. While there may be some rain earlier in the week, forecasters have warned showers may become “wintry” in parts of the north. The showers are expected to intensify next Thursday and may fall as “snow on high ground” on November 26.

Commenting on the period between November 26 and December 5, the Met Office said: “Friday the 26th will likely bring cloud, rain, and strong winds to the northwest extending south to affect many areas through the day, some rain may fall as snow on higher ground in the north.

“Scattered showers likely to follow later. Feeling rather cold, accentuated by strong winds with coastal gales possible in the northwest.

“As the period continues, winds will be typically from the north and northwest allowing cold conditions to persist.

“High pressure is likely to sit to the south or southwest of the UK, so rain and showers are more likely in the north, these could be wintry on high ground and perhaps at lower levels at times.

“Likely drier at times in the south and rather cold at times, with overnight frost likely.”

According to WXCharts, snow levels could reach 23cm in parts of Scotland on November 26.

Up to 27cm has also been reported for November 27 due to the heavy band of cold weather, with up to 10-11cm at lower levels.

As well as snow, the majority of the Highlands of Scotland will experience temperatures falling to -6C.

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For most of Scotland, the mercury will range between 0 to -1C (30-32F) next weekend.

In England, parts of the far North will see the lowest temperatures on November 28 with some areas expected to see -4C (24F).

Leeds and Manchester, however, will also see low temperatures with the mercury falling to freezing.

Even parts of the south of England will experience temperatures dropping to 0C.

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Next Saturday, large parts of England will see low temperatures throughout the day.

Leeds is expected to see the mercury fall to 2C (35F), while parts of the south will range between 2-4C (35-39F).

Looking ahead to the period between December 6-20, the Met Office adds: “A generally northwesterly airflow looks set to continue for much of this period, with the most changeable conditions likely to be in the north of the UK.

“Showers or longer spells of rain and possibly strong winds are likely across the north, become increasingly likely further north, these interspersed with periods of more settled weather.

“In the south high pressure is likely to remain close by, giving a good deal of settled and dry weather.

“Temperatures will be varied overall with longer mild spells being punctuated by shorter colder spells, with some wintry weather also possible with a risk of snow and ice in the north.

“During any clear, calm spells, overnight frost and fog are likely.”

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