UK snow forecast: -6C freeze in days – maps turn white as up to 7 INCHES of snow to strike

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood teases a potential white Christmas

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New maps from WXCHARTS for Christmas Day show the possibility of some snowfall in Scotland, Northern England and Wales heading late into the evening. But these weather maps soon start turning white on Boxing Day, suggesting snow could quickly blanket the UK just hours after Christmas ends. During the early hours of December 26, up to 7cm (2.7 inches) of snow could fall in Wales, with 3cm falling in the Midlands around Birmingham.

But this could intensify significantly throughout the day, with 16cm (6.2 inches) forecast to fall in Northern Wales and 10cm (4 inches) in a region of North West England.

Large areas of Scotland and North East England are also under threat from snowfall on Boxing Day as swathes of the UK map turn white.

North Wales will continue to be hit by a barrage of snow next Monday, with up to 19cm (7.4 inches) set to fall.

The latest weather maps show the same regions of Northern Wales still being under threat from snow next Tuesday, while Scotland could also be blanketed.

The threat of snow will also trigger a deep freeze throughout the UK, with much of the country gripped by bitterly cold temperatures from Christmas Day onward.

The latest maps from Netweather for Saturday show minimum temperatures plunging to -5C in an area of Scotland at around 6pm.

The rest of the UK chart begins to turn icy blue with the possibility of the mercury falling below zero throughout North West and North East England.

Minimum temperatures are set to remain below freezing throughout much of Scotland and parts of Northern England on Boxing Day.

But on the morning of December 27, this could plunge to as low as -6C in a region of Central Scotland with the UK map rapidly turning icy blue as the freezing snap grips the nation.

Large areas of Northern England could see minimum temperatures plummet to -2C on December 27 with lows of -4C in Scotland.

On the morning of December 29, the UK maps turns completely blue with nearly all of the country under threat from seeing the mercury falling blow freezing.

AccuWeather meteorologist Tony Zartman told “The weather pattern will turn more unsettled heading through Christmas. “Any snow through Thursday would likely be confined to the highest terrain of Scotland.

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“Friday heading into Christmas, colder air will drop south into Scotland, Northern Ireland and far northern England.

“As the colder air drops south, there will also be some snow showers across these same areas, especially over the higher ground. Gusty winds at times can cause snow to blow across these areas.

He added: “While this is still four days away, it appears as though some higher ground spots can pick up several inches of snow through Christmas.

“After Christmas Day, there is some uncertainty as to how much of the colder air to the north will push south into Wales and Southern England.

“As for now, it appears to turn at least somewhat colder across these areas from Boxing Day into the early part of the following week.

“During this time, we will also have to watch a storm passing by to the south of England. It could bring some rain or snow and blustery conditions to southern parts of the UK.”

Christmas forecast: A look at the chance of snow for the UK

The Weather Outlook’s Brian Gaze warned: “Snow will probably fall in parts of the UK on Christmas Day.

“A lot of the latest computer models runs show the cold air boundary being further south than had been looking likely.

“Therefore, although the greatest chance of accumulating snow is in the northern half of the UK, it is very possible that some locations in southern and central Britain could see at least a few flakes later in the day and record a technical white Christmas.

“However, it may still be a couple of days before things become clear.”

Looking ahead from Christmas Day until January 3, the Met Office has forecast: “This period remains somewhat uncertain in detail, but generally sees a split between colder air to the north and milder air to the south.

“Along the boundary, rain, with a risk of snow, predominantly across higher ground.

“To the south of this, mild, unsettled weather, with rain and occasional strong winds.

“To the north more settled conditions; brighter spells, with some wintry showers, mainly in the north and northeast, and feeling very cold in brisk northeasterly winds.

“Towards the end of the period potentially an interlude of more widely settled conditions, bringing colder, frosty weather.

“Maybe a risk of rain and snow with stronger winds arriving from the southwest later.

“Becoming colder than average heading into January with any unsettled, milder spells most likely for the west and south.”

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